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R3 Securities

Introduction to SAP

  • Understanding the application
  • Briefing about Installation process
  • Modules in SAP
  • Authentication process in SAP
  • Levels of Security in SAP

Architecture of SAP

  • R/2 and R/3 Architecture introduction
  • Detail understanding of Instances
  • Overview of work processes

SAP Landscape

  • Single system landscape
  • Two system landscape
  • Three system landscape
  • Multi system landscape
  • Flavours in SAP

Client Administration

  • Brief Understanding about Clients
  • Client creation, Local client copy
  • Remote client copy

User Administration

  • User creation, deletion
  • Lock and unlock
  • Rename, De-activate users and passwords
  • Mass user administration
  • Maintain user groups

Profiles Administration

  • Types of profiles
  • Profile protection

Role Administration

  • Types of Roles
  • Creation of Roles
  • Working on standard roles
  • Roles with functional modules
  • Authorization concepts
  • Object class
  • Authorization objects
  • Activities
  • Authorization checks
  • Status of Authorizations
  • Check indicators
  • User buffer
  • Maintaining org levels
  • Offshore security

Table Security

  • Authorization groups
  • User trace
  • Trace configuration


  • Use of Transports
  • Construction of transports
  • Change requests
  • Background Jobs (Monitoring and scheduling)
  • User master records
  • Critical Authorization Objects

Central User Administration

  • CUA Creation, Usage and Deletion

Compliances calibrator, Role manager, Fire fighter, Access enforcer



BI Security

BI Authorization

  • OLTP and OLAP
  • BI Authorization Concepts
  • Critical T-Codes
  • Types of users
  • Critical Authorization objects

BI Analysis authorization

  • Features of Analysis authorizations
  • Analysis T-Codes and it’s security
  • Risk management

Additional Courses

– BI Security

– HR Security

– GRC 10(overview)


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