1. Open VMware workstation
  2. Click on full screen mode in menu box
  3. Click on “ Power on this virtual machine”
  4. Windows server 2003

                 Username: eccadm

                 Password: india123

  1. Open SAP Management console
  • Right click on SAP SYSTEMS
  • Click on start
  • Password: india123
  • Go to GCECC620
  • Click on extent
  • Go to process list

Wait for 5 to 10 mines until the three process lists should become green color.

  • Go to ABAP WP Table
  • Status should be change from “run” to “wait”
  • Minimize SAP Management console

  1. Open SAP Logon on desktop
  • Click on logon

Username: sapuser

Password: india123

  1. Minimize the SAP Logon pad

NOTE : If you want to close totally move the causer to “menu bar” go to “Yellow color phase button” Click on that.

IMP: Don’t click on power off.

          Don’t close directly.

 If you click power off you have to do total steps again.

For the first time the software will be slow. By using twice or thrice it will be normal