1. SAP BI Overview.


  • ERP overview.

ü  What is ERP and Why ERP?

  • SAP history and different Sap Products.

ü  Sap Cross Industry Applications

ü  Sap Industry Specific solutions.

  • Role of SAP BI.

ü  Implementation

ü  Support

ü  Upgrade and Migration.

  • Basics of Data Warehousing.

ü  Star Schema

ü   Extended Star Schema

ü  Advantages of Extended Star Schema

  • Terminology and Project Orientation


  1. Data Modeling, DW Design and Data loading From File sys.


  • BI System architecture.

ü  Data warehouse

ü  ETL

ü  Bex Suite

  • Functions of Data warehousing workbench.
  • Development of Info objects.

ü   Characteristics

ü   Key figures

  • Development of Attributes and all the Tabs of Chars and Key figure.

ü         Display attribute

ü         Navigational attributes

ü         Transitive attribute

ü         Compounding attribute

  • Designing the different types of  Infocubes  and DSO
  • Master Data loading—Attribute/Text/Hierarchy
  • Transaction data loading—-Loading to DSO and Info cube.

ü   Full upload

ü   Initialization

ü   Delta uploads   

  • Real time Data acquisition and Direct data Access (Virtual Provider)
  • Error Stack and Error Dtp //Issues in data Loading
  • Installing Objects from BI content.



  • Info sets and Multi Providers.

ü  Inner Join/Left Outer Join

ü  Union

  • Placing Flat Files in Application Server.
  • Data Modeling Tasks in a Project Environment


  1. Data loading from SAP ERP and Database systems.


  • Source system interfaces and logical systems. Remote function calls.
  • Source system application and data source overview. Types of Extractors.
  • Logistics Data Extraction

ü   Full upload

ü   Initialization of data source

ü   Delta uploads   

  • Generic Extraction

ü   Full upload

ü   Initialization of data source

ü   Delta uploads   

  • DB extraction
  • Controlling Data Extraction.

ü   Full upload

ü   Initialization of data source

ü   Delta uploads   

  • Finance Extractors.
  • Master data Extraction from Sap ERP sys.
  • Data source Enhancement.


  1. Business Explorer Business Intelligence.


  • Basics of Reporting. Components and Tools of Reporting.
    • Query Designer and Different Elements

ü  Free chars

ü  Filters/Restriction

ü  Conditions/Exceptions

ü  Restricted key figure/Calculated key figure/New selection/New formula

ü  Variables-all types.

  • Analyzer

ü  Design Mode

ü  Analysis Mode

  • Report Designer and Formatting Techniques of Report Designer.
  • Web application Designer and Web Analyzer.
  • Bex Broadcaster.
  • Visual Composer Reporting.


  1. BW 7.0 Topics & Supporting.


  • Start , End  & Expert routines
  • Remodeling
  • Repartitioning.
  • BI Accelerator,
  • BW Statistics.
  • Performance Issues.

                                Query Performance

ü  Compression

ü  Aggregates/Rollup

ü  Indexes

ü  Line item Dimension, Cardinality Height

ü  Query trace/SQL Trace

ü  Attribute and Hierarchy change run/etc…

                                Extraction performance

ü  PSA partitioning/PSA and Change log Table Data Deletion

  • Transportation
  • Process chains Designing and Monitoring
  • Supporting Issues, Tickets and Miscellaneous topics.



6.BW 7.3 DeltaSs.

  • Hybrid Providers
  • Composite Providers
  • Transient Providers.
  • Scenarios For New Info providers.
  • Semantic partitioned objects
  • DSO Partitioning
  • Data Flow Copy and Data Flow Migration tool
  • Loading Hierarchies By using 7.3
  • Other 7.3 Features.